Monday, January 19, 2009


Finally the cold weather has broken, but instead it was replaced with snow, rain and now freezing rain. I know you must be tired of seeing all my photo's of the weather, but this time of year that is all we Maritimers are talking about. Our lives often revolve around the weather. This is how we plow the snow out here in the country! No fooling around when it comes to snow removal! That's my Dad expertly working the backhoe.There aren't many leaves leaves left on the trees, but I did find these maple leaves covered in ice.This is the main road that runs past my place. You can't tell, but yes, it is a paved road. There is about 2 inches of ice covering it this morning.
These are hips from the wild roses that grow along the main road.
Red pine branches covered in ice and snow. This would make a nice Christmas card for next year!


Lorrie said...

oh my, everything covered in ice! Very pretty, but I imagine the roads are treacherous.

What crazy weather.Stay warm and cozy!


Debbie said...

Bell, the pictures are beautiful.. You ventured outside ~ BRRR. Sit by the fire and crochet ~ it's slightly warmer here today. We did have some flurries ~ Try and stay warm!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

bea3855 said...

Hei Bella,
oh, I love your icy photos!!!
Very pretty and special.
We still don't have any snow, but beautiful hoarfrost this morning.
Was very cold last night....
I have tagged you! See in my blog!
Have a nice day,

Nathalie Thompson said...

You have the most beautiful scenery around you-- even the bulldozer looks picturesque in the grey woods! The ice clad leaf is just beautiful as are the ice glazed berries.

kiwicarole said...

Hi Bella! Thanks for dropping by my blog! Wow! I can't begin to imagine what it might be like to live with all this snow and ice. It's beautiful!