Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Deep Freeze

Here on the East Coast of Canada we are entering the "deep freeze" of winter. For about a month starting somewhere near the middle of January we have really, really cold weather. The kind of weather that hurts your lungs if you take a deep breath. Last night when I went to bed, the temperature in the bedroom was 18 Celsius and outside was -18 Celsius! That's close to 40 degrees difference. This is just the beginning, soon we will have temperatures somewhere in the -27 to - 35 degree range. Tomorrow in Northern New Brunswick they are calling for a windchill of -42 Celsius! BRRRR!
This little guy doesn't seem to mind the cold weather though! He was soaking up what little sun there was at my bird feeder!


Lorrie said...

Oh Bella, you will be glad for your toasty warm hats and scarves! I thought of you when I heard the weather forecast. Brrrr!

Stay cozy and warm as best you can.


Debbie said...

Boy and I thought it was cold and icy here!!!

bea3855 said...

♥ Stay as warm and cozy as you can.
I could imagine a little more winter here, though...
the bird is too cute; nice that you feed them. It is a tradition here, too. ♥
German Hugs