Thursday, December 23, 2010

Early Boxing Day Sale at McBrideHouse

With all the hustle and bustle of Christmas coming I decided to start my Boxing Day Sale early!  For those of you not aware of what a Boxing Day Sale is, it is the single biggest shopping day in Canada which is held the day after Christmas. 
Even my newest Skiing Santa Gnome is on sale!
Happy the Snowman is looking for a new home.... he prefers somewhere where he won't melt, but he's open to loosing a little weight!
SOLD!! I never could get a very good picture of this Lion Nutcracker.  If he doesn't sell I think I will wrap him up and put him away with MY Christmas decorations!  He really is quite big and I'm hoping to make some smaller versions of him for my shop next year.
This little snow girl is going to be featured in the CDAA (Canadian Doll Artists Assocation) January Newsletter!  She and her brother are both pretty excited!
Again, this fireplace set is another one of my favourites but never photographed really well.  Hmmm.... I might just have to keep that one too!
 This gold coloured Santa is priced to sell!  I need to make room for my new line of Christmas items that are already in "production"!
Another Father Christmas reduced to go!
SOLD!! And don't forget the non Christmas items are on sale too!  This little frog is the last of a series of animals I did and I personally think he was the cutest!  Some items just are not photogenic and are much cuter in person.
My little red Angel is on sale too!  If she (and most of her fellow felted Christmas friends) don't sell then they will probably be taken off line and reworked into something else.  So if you really like something, act now because they might never be the same again!  

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hmmmm..... Where did Christmas go?

Two days ago the ground was covered in a layer of white fluffy snow.  Every tree branch and blade of grass was painted with white Christmas magic...

See?  Magical!  It feels like Christmas!!  Then yesterday morning I woke up to the below pictures.

Rain!  Not only rain but rain and MORE RAIN!!  We were very lucky where we were and only lost our power for three and a half hours.  A lot of New Brunswick fared far worse than we did and had major flooding.  But that magical snow has been washed away and forecasters are predicting a green Christmas for New Brunswick Canada.  I guess I had better go decorate that Christmas tree sitting in the living room... maybe that will bring back some Christmas spirit.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Winter Images and A Little Helper.

We have the most beautiful snow these last few days and I just had to share it with you!

And while I was out taking pictures I had a little helper purring steadily by my side.
He was soon distracted by a chickadee but none the less stayed by me purring the whole time!

I've never had such a friendly devoted LOUD cat as my little Frosty!  I can hear him talking as he crosses the yard to meet me and then his purrs are like some loud engine constantly running.  He also LOVES the snow and will catch snowballs that I throw to him.  Who needs a dog when I have a cat like Frosty?!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Too Much?

I don't know... do you think this is too much?

Nahhh... that's the beauty of Christmas decorating... the more the merrier!  Happy Holidays everyone!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Early Morning Snow

A heavy snow falling from a tree onto the roof above my bed woke me last night at 3 am.  As I walked around a silent house the lights suddenly flickered and the entire sky was engulfed in a blue glow... twice.  Apparently a transformer blew causing the sky to light up.  Quite beautiful really, but scary too.
The interruption in power turned on all the Christmas lights and I grabbed my camera and took a shot of the glow of the lights and the branches engulfed in a blanket of snow.  Magical.
The same tree was still glowing at 7 am.  My Charlie Brown tree lights look much better with a blanket of snow!
Then an immature bald eagle landed in a tree above our pond.  Beautiful.  It was a magical morning... except for the slush covered roads!  Ahhh... life in the Maritimes.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Santa's New Gnome Helpers! Needle Felted Creations now on McBrideHouse.

Gnomes, being the elusive creatures that they are, are slowly being pushed out into mainstream by the expansion of humans into their slowly shrinking forests.
In order for them to maintain their elusive lifestyle they are joining forces with Santa Claus and helping to deliver Christmas presents to the increasing amount of boys and girls.
This is the perfect job for them. They are very quiet and can sneak about the house with nary a sound. The only real problem are house cats, which are the gnomes mortal enemy.
 So please remember to provide your house cat with lots of extra food Christmas Eve so that poor Santa Gnome doesn't have to worry about being eaten!
This particular Santa Gnome is in charge of the more snowy regions of the world, hence the skis. Because of Santa Gnome's love of nature he is very fast on his skis and has helped Santa Claus tremendously in his ability to reach those boys and girls in more remote regions of the world.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Stockings Hung by the Fire With Care....

I just started to decorate the house for the holiday season but ran out of energy and daylight before I got any pictures taken.  But it got me thinking about my little fireplace set that I needle felted a while ago.  Have you hung your stockings by the fireplace yet?
This fireplace set not only comes with a fireplace but a Christmas tree and Santa forgot his sack!
I don't know?  Do you think Santa can fit down the chimney?
If he can I sure hope the fire isn't too hot!  Happy decorating everybody!