Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Early Morning Snow

A heavy snow falling from a tree onto the roof above my bed woke me last night at 3 am.  As I walked around a silent house the lights suddenly flickered and the entire sky was engulfed in a blue glow... twice.  Apparently a transformer blew causing the sky to light up.  Quite beautiful really, but scary too.
The interruption in power turned on all the Christmas lights and I grabbed my camera and took a shot of the glow of the lights and the branches engulfed in a blanket of snow.  Magical.
The same tree was still glowing at 7 am.  My Charlie Brown tree lights look much better with a blanket of snow!
Then an immature bald eagle landed in a tree above our pond.  Beautiful.  It was a magical morning... except for the slush covered roads!  Ahhh... life in the Maritimes.

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