Friday, May 22, 2015

Needle Felted Green Men

One of my favourite things to make are Green Men.  Wanting to make more than just the traditional greened leaved green man I've expanded my line to include all four seasons.  Below are just a few of the green men that I've created over the years!
Deep in the woods there awaits a special soul ready to emerge from his sleepy winter slumber. He dreams of the time of year when the buds will burst, the flowers grow and the trees spread their leaves to the skies above. Sun will soon pour down on his secret nest and awaken him to the songs of robins, singing his name to help bring green back to the barren earth. Yes, soon the Green Man will rise and Spring will be here again.
A horned version of the great man.
A purse version that went to a very lovely and excited woman from the Amherst, NS Fibre Fest sale.

A little brighter version make with merino wool.

This one is currently available at my shop!

The very first one.  This one will always hold a special spot in my heart as he was bought by a very great man who will be dearly missed.

The days are getting longer and little bits of green are beginning to spring forth from beneath winters weary carpet. There is a feeling of renewal coming that is simmering just beneath the surface. The sap is flowing in the trees, maple buds are beginning to show their red tips and the geese fly overhead morning and night.

Soon laundry will be flapping on the line, children will be jumping in mud puddles and skipping with their new skipping ropes. And deep in the woods the Spring Green Man watches it all unfold.

Now the days are getting shorter and the leaves are beginning to change from their luxurious greens to the most spectacular reds, oranges and purples. There is a crispness to the air and even though it's the end of the summer it feels like the beginning of something new.

Flannel sheets will soon go on the bed, kids are anxiously awaiting the first day of school and the apples are red, ripe and ready to be picked. And deep in the woods the Autumn Green Man watches it all unfold.

 I always loved the expression of this one!

 This is the first Fall Green Man I made.  I had the idea and he came to life on a bus trip to Quebec City.

The stars are bright, the night is crisp and Old Man Winter is over looking his domain. In the morning every branch will be coated in a soft layer of snow, the ground laden with the white stuff. The kids will awaken to frosted panes of glass on their bedroom windows and will excitedly peer out them wondering if it will be a snow day.

The parents wonder what will be in store for them; a day of sliding, skiing, snowshoeing? Perhaps it will be a day curled up by the fireplace sipping hot chocolate and reminiscing about their own childhood memories of winter. Regardless of the days event, one thing is known for sure...Old Man Winter sure does know how to make this world we live in a little bit more beautiful.

This is a newer version of the Winter Green Man and he is available at my Shop!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Fish in a Tree? How can that be....

For my latest custom order I was asked to make a Northern Ontario Walleye Pike.  He fought hard and I didn't know if I would ever reel him in but the struggle was well worth it! 
Smaller than real life but he's still a whooping 12 inches long (30 cms)!
Glup, glup...
I actually had the forethought to take pictures of my Walleye Pike to show you the stages that one of my needle felting pieces goes through. At some point, in every single piece that I do, I panic and think "I can't do this! I'm a fraud!". Luckily, every single time, I tell myself to pull up my big girl panties and get on with it.... just like I did with this fish.