Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Boxing Day Sales at McBride House

Didn't get exactly what you wanted for Christmas?  Well how about buying yourself a little treat or start your Christmas shopping early for next year and take advantage of Boxing Day Sales at McBride House. 
Fighting Brothers are on SALE!!!
 And this smiley little snowman is on sale too.
 A touch of Canadian Winter is also on sale.
These are just to name a few!  There are still some Santa's, Christmas animals and even a toy chest on sale!  Get them now before these one-of-a-kind pieces are gone!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

White Christmas...

They said is wasn't going to happen, but it did.... we actually had a beautiful White Christmas this year.  To all of my friends, families and customers, regardless of how or what you celebrate this time of year, I wish you all the very best now and in the coming New Year.  Happy Holidays!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

It snowed....

There really is nothing more to say... it snowed this morning.... sigh.... Christmas is now here.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas at My House

I love Christmas decorations.  My house is just filled with little bits of shiny every where you look.  I tend to simply add my decorations in amongst my usual decor and it gives it such a full look. 
Starting in "my room".  My room is my sanctuary where I do my needle felting and simply go to relax.  It is filled from wall to wall with my favourite things.  I keep the Christmas decorating to a minimum in this room but I do have a little tree with some favourite blown glass ornaments.
I usually change these from year to year on a theme basis but this year is was simply a mix of favourites.
Then out of my room and into the main part of the house.  These little guys sit on my antique sewing machine (which was a gift from my parents when I was about 10).  It's one of my favourite treasures and will always be in a prominent spot in my house.  Two of these little dogs remind me of a long passed beagle named Biscuit.
I found this little chair in sofa in Winners years ago and they are one of my all time favs.  Aren't they cute?  I want a house someday where life size versions of these would fit in.
This collection sits quite comfortably on our dining room/kitchen table.  Above it is a simple black chandelier that is draped and dripping in crystals and snowflakes.  You can see our wood stove burning in the background.  Sigh... cozy!
Into the kitchen with a window sill covered in two of my favourite things.... animals and blown glass.
I could have added a dozen pictures!
The other window in the kitchen can't be left without blown glass!
Still in the kitchen.  Our house is open concept so the kitchen is a big part of our house.  This was a purchase at a charming little shop that used to be an old pharmacy.  Full of little shelves and interesting architecture.  In it is my Mom's holly.
Sitting on the island is a childhood favourite.  We used to have hot cocoa in these mugs after a day of skating on our pond.  These bring back soooo many happy childhood memories.  In the background you can just see a bit of the chandelier I mentioned previously.
Full circle heading back into my room (the door to my room is beside the pink china and behind the tree are the stairs to the studio and bedroom).  My Christmas tree!  Christmas is not Christmas without a tree... a real tree.  Cut and drug home by DH and put up that same night.

And that is just a small sampling of Christmas at my house!  Merry Christmas to all of my internet friends and customers!  I wish you all the very best over the holidays and the coming New Year!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pink Christmas

Anybody who knows me knows I love pink.  It's not just a matter of liking it, it makes me happy!
It kind of makes my heart sing...
Like this little guy.  My heart was surly singing a happy tune while creating him!  All those pinks, mauves and purples offset by grey?  Be still my heart.  Click HERE to see this guy on McBrideHouse.
Now while the Santa and Reindeer are a favourite, there are certain shades of pink that make me sing different tunes.  This soft pink Santa is the perfect shade of pink.  I sing like a song bird!  Tweet, tweet!
Or this one... still singing!
See that's me singing away!

This kind of pink normally only makes me hum, but add the purple and the grey?  Singing loud and clear!
This one is more mauve and purple with my favourite grey.  But again, add the soft country blue?  Ta da!  Singing again!
 A Wise Man once told me... sing like there's no tomorrow.
Don't forget to check out McBrideHouse to see all these little guys and more!  What's your favourite colour that makes your heart sing?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

First Big Sale for McBride House!

This weekend is the big Turner's Christmas at the Coliseum sale where McBride House along with Argentic Creations will have their wares on display!  I'm so excited I could just burst!  I've never been good at waiting and these will be a long 3 days of waiting to see how my little guys do out in the public eye.
These are just an example of some of my little guys waiting for a new home.
 Just look at those little curled toes!
 What's a show without Reindeer and Santa Claus?
 Or Reindeer and Santa's Sleigh?
Or Santa Riding a Sheep?
Three Wise Kings will be making an appearance.
With gifts, of course.
And a camel....
And barn animals.

 These are just a few of the many example so if you are a local please come out and say Hello to them!

Friday, November 18, 2011

First Snowfall of the Season

I awoke to the most wonderful thing this morning... the first snowfall of the season.  Just enough snow to make everything sparkle with the anticipation of the company season.
 And when the sun finally shone on our winter wonderland it was too beautiful to stay indoors.
 Mom and I bundled up like a couple of pumpkins and went for a walk, breathing in the freshness of the air.
 We weren't the only ones out this morning.  Who says deer don't cross bridges?
 The bridge crosser?
Does it get much better than this?  Three deer laying in amongst the snow and trees trying to find a patch of sun to keep warm.
 And what better sculpture than this to list today!  Santa and his new little friend.
 He always knew from a young age that he loved Polar Bears. Every waking moment was spent studying, observing and wishing one was his.
Then, one fateful day, it happened. A baby Polar Bear wandered into Santa's village and from that moment on he knew he would never again long for a bears friendship, he would never be lonely, he would never be cold again. Companions forever.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Waterford Hat Crochet Pattern by Bella McBride

 It has been a long time coming but I've finally done it!  I've just released a new crochet pattern!  It's called The Waterford Hat and you can see it here.
 I've actually had it written and tested for almost a year now but kind of forgot about it.  The pictures of me in the blue hat (yep, that's me!) were taken last year right after I had pneumonia and I'm VERY pale.  Sadly the new pictures in the purple hat look just as pale!
 The Waterford Hat is a really easy crochet project and easy to wear.  Lots of fun trying to decide what colours to make it!
Don't forget to see it here and stay tuned for one more hat pattern coming soon!  It's a departure from the usual and is a pill box style with crocheted cables.  I may need a pattern tester for that one very soon though!  Anybody interested in testing the Cambridge Hat Pattern?