Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pink Christmas

Anybody who knows me knows I love pink.  It's not just a matter of liking it, it makes me happy!
It kind of makes my heart sing...
Like this little guy.  My heart was surly singing a happy tune while creating him!  All those pinks, mauves and purples offset by grey?  Be still my heart.  Click HERE to see this guy on McBrideHouse.
Now while the Santa and Reindeer are a favourite, there are certain shades of pink that make me sing different tunes.  This soft pink Santa is the perfect shade of pink.  I sing like a song bird!  Tweet, tweet!
Or this one... still singing!
See that's me singing away!

This kind of pink normally only makes me hum, but add the purple and the grey?  Singing loud and clear!
This one is more mauve and purple with my favourite grey.  But again, add the soft country blue?  Ta da!  Singing again!
 A Wise Man once told me... sing like there's no tomorrow.
Don't forget to check out McBrideHouse to see all these little guys and more!  What's your favourite colour that makes your heart sing?

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Stacy's Shabby Shoppe said...

I just LOVE your creations! I can't imagine the time and love that goes into making each and every one of them! My favorite color that makes me sing...PINK of course! (*_*)