Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm a proud "parent" and I love all my patterns that I create, but I have to admit there are certain ones that I just LOVE! These new Winter Wedding Gauntlets are one of them!

They are made with Bernat Alpaca yarn and are just the softest, dainty things ever! I named them Winter Wedding because they just have such a romantic feeling to them. Plus the winter white yarn with the touch of "something blue" really lends them to the feeling of a wedding.

Of course they are not limited to only women getting married! They make the perfect accessory to any winter outfit!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Crochet Muse

Sometimes you find a yarn that just makes the creative juices flow. I can't stop thinking of ideas to use this yarn for! So far I've made a pair of wristwarmers that will be named Winter Wedding Wristwarmers, and...
A pair of Mittens, which will be called Winter's Eve Mittens. Both patterns are written and the Winter Wedding pattern will be up and ready sometime this week!
And the best part about this yarn.... I went to get another ball of it and found it on SALE!! My heart went all a flutter and I bought it in both white and blue and I am so in love with the two colours together! Sometimes it's just meant to be.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Kitty Update

While taking pictures of my newest felted creation, my bobble pumpkin, I had a little help! Porky and Piggy have been both sick and have been to the vet again. Sigh... I need to sell a lot of patterns or felted creations to keep these kittens in good health!
But look... just look at the contentment in that body language! They are certainly worth every penny! This was the first time Porky discovered Loopie's indoor bed! Pure joy! They both had a viral infection and had to take medicine twice a day... which they HATED!! They are eating again and are feeling sooo much better. I can hear them out playing on the deck right now! They sound like a herd of elephants!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pumpkins and Gnome Homes

I've added two new creations to McBride House this weekend. This is my "Man in a Pumpkin Costume". I know, original name, but sometimes you just get stuck!
Because of his big round pumpkin this little guy would not stand on his own. To overcome the problem I headed down to the wood shop and cut a piece of cedar, stained it, varathaned it and fastened his little feet to it.
I love the way he is poised... Can't you just hear him say "Do you think this outfit makes me look fat?"
Next I made another set of Gnome Homes. These ones are slightly larger than the first set, but still just as insanely whimsical!
A nice bouquet of felted mushrooms!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Needle Felted Jack O. Lantern Snowman

My basement is being torn apart today...sigh... remember that flood? Well the entire basement needed to be gutted and today is the day the contractors finally came. They are, as I type, in the room below my work room banging and sawing away. So I decided to get some computer work done and list my newest felted creation.
This is Jack. Jack O. Lantern to be precise, but he likes to be called Jack for short.
I hand dyed his orange wool myself and love the mottled look it gives him.
His scarf is a beautiful shade of soft green and twines around his neck like a vine. Like all my other felted creatures, he wishes to escape the upcoming Atlantic Canada harsh winter! That's gratitude, isn't it! Jack is quite excited because his friend "Fat Man in a Skeleton Suit" has found a new home and he wants to travel the world too! He can be found here if you would like to learn more about him.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday....Almost

Every year the town of Sussex holds it's Atlantic International Balloon Fiesta and I was lucky enough to snap a few pictures.Not quite wordless Wednesday, but close!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Favourite Time of Year

I love fall. The air is crisp, clean, easy to breath, the colours are brilliant, things seem peaceful. It's a season of change, of winding down but gearing up all at the same time. I've been working on some felting items for McBride House and really enjoying using my stash of autumnal colours.

First up is my Pumpkin Carriage. Just a little bit of whimsy based Cinderella's coach.
Next is a stack of three pumpkins needle felted together in beautiful muted russet colours.
Finally is my "Fat Man in a Skeleton Suit". I'm not sure if this is Santa Claus or just a fat man, but either way he was a lot of fun to create!
I'll make no "bones" about it, I used artistic licence when it came to bone placement!
Close up of his little Jack-o-lantern that he's hoping to fill with all sorts of treats!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lumber Jillian Series in Crochet Patterns

Finally, after months and months of creating, proofing and editing, I'm pleased to release my crochet patterns for the Lumber Jillian Series.
Lumber Jillian is based on those classic Lumber Jack socks. You know, those great grey, white and one tiny strip of red, socks? This little clutch reflects that homespun country chic look. Small enough to tuck under your arm for a night out, but just big enough for your wallet, keys and sunglasses when you meet friends for a day of shopping or sipping lattes.
I grew up in and around the woods and love the classic country chic look. This hat was designed around the concept of those lumber jack socks, but with an added elegant touch that I love so much!
Pair these wristwarmers with your favourite jean jacket and all you will need is the chainsaw... or a lumber man... your choice!And look! It's me wearing my Lumber Jillian Neckwarmer! This is a very rare occurrence for me to post a picture of myself. Look quick because I might come to my senses and delete this post tomorrow!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Random Thoughts, Random Pictures

It's been really busy here the past few days with contractors and insurance people coming and going... or should I really say that it's been really busy sitting by the phone hoping for a phone call to make an appointment for them to come! Meanwhile I've been taking some pictures and organizing for the up coming busy season. Hear that confidence in my voice... IT WILL BE BUSY... right?
I've added quite a few new listings for Pattern Sets, including the much asked for Neckwarmer Set. Basically the more patterns you buy, the more you save!

This is a sneak preview of my newest pattern line. It's called the Lumber Jillian Set, or Jillian for short, and it's based on the simple, classic Lumber Jack socks. You know, those great grey, white and one tiny strip of red socks? As you can see I had some little helpers while I was taking pictures. This ones Porkie.
This is a really nice set to wear out and about the woods or in the yard on a fall day. Very classic, casual but with that feminine touch that I love so much. The set also includes a hat and purse and will be available on Etsy some time this week.

I also decided to take a few new pictures of my Windemere Capelet/Neckwarmer. Again, my little helper, but this times it's Piggy.

I also couldn't ignore McBride House and took a few more pictures of my newest listed creation, Santa and Prancer. Now this one will be hard to let go... that's probably why it took me so long to list him!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Upside Down World

I went for a walk with my camera early this morning to clear my head with all this flooding, insurance adjusters and contractors stuff going on. I think this picture of the trees reflected in the pond represents my world right now, everything is being turned upside down and I'm living in a topsy turvy world... and there is no end in sight...sigh. Sunny days ahead though!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Thank You Danny...

Wow, did I ever have a long weekend... and for the matter, it's looking like a long week. My husband left early Saturday morning on a golfing trip to Nova Scotia. I didn't mind, I like spending some time alone, BUT Hurricane Danny roared in Saturday night and drenched everything... including my basement... you know, the basement that we just put new floors in?
A very early phone call was placed to my parents to bring towels, buckets and their shop vac. We got everything moved up off the floor, including the computers which were sitting in 2 inches of water, and all the water we could see wiped up. Unfortunately the water had already seeped under the flooring and it all started to curl.
Last night both of our parents arrived on our doorstep and the flooring was all ripped out and now we are waiting for insurance people to tell us what happens next. I think it will be a week of "Hurry up and wait". Sigh...