Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Favourite Time of Year

I love fall. The air is crisp, clean, easy to breath, the colours are brilliant, things seem peaceful. It's a season of change, of winding down but gearing up all at the same time. I've been working on some felting items for McBride House and really enjoying using my stash of autumnal colours.

First up is my Pumpkin Carriage. Just a little bit of whimsy based Cinderella's coach.
Next is a stack of three pumpkins needle felted together in beautiful muted russet colours.
Finally is my "Fat Man in a Skeleton Suit". I'm not sure if this is Santa Claus or just a fat man, but either way he was a lot of fun to create!
I'll make no "bones" about it, I used artistic licence when it came to bone placement!
Close up of his little Jack-o-lantern that he's hoping to fill with all sorts of treats!

2 comments: said...

You are so talented! How lovely, and I think your artistic licence is just right. When I used to live in Nova Scotia, I love the Autumn, the colours were magnificent! Suzie. xxx

Anonymous said...

This is so fantastic! I love the bone placement. ;)

-Carrie Mae