Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lumber Jillian Series in Crochet Patterns

Finally, after months and months of creating, proofing and editing, I'm pleased to release my crochet patterns for the Lumber Jillian Series.
Lumber Jillian is based on those classic Lumber Jack socks. You know, those great grey, white and one tiny strip of red, socks? This little clutch reflects that homespun country chic look. Small enough to tuck under your arm for a night out, but just big enough for your wallet, keys and sunglasses when you meet friends for a day of shopping or sipping lattes.
I grew up in and around the woods and love the classic country chic look. This hat was designed around the concept of those lumber jack socks, but with an added elegant touch that I love so much!
Pair these wristwarmers with your favourite jean jacket and all you will need is the chainsaw... or a lumber man... your choice!And look! It's me wearing my Lumber Jillian Neckwarmer! This is a very rare occurrence for me to post a picture of myself. Look quick because I might come to my senses and delete this post tomorrow!

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LDH said...

Dear Bella,

These pieces are beautiful ~ each one of them. And so are you so don't delete any pics :)

Kindly, ldh