Monday, September 28, 2009

Crochet Muse

Sometimes you find a yarn that just makes the creative juices flow. I can't stop thinking of ideas to use this yarn for! So far I've made a pair of wristwarmers that will be named Winter Wedding Wristwarmers, and...
A pair of Mittens, which will be called Winter's Eve Mittens. Both patterns are written and the Winter Wedding pattern will be up and ready sometime this week!
And the best part about this yarn.... I went to get another ball of it and found it on SALE!! My heart went all a flutter and I bought it in both white and blue and I am so in love with the two colours together! Sometimes it's just meant to be.


bea's blog said...

So pretty - as all your creations!
Hope your kittens are totally recovered now!?!
Love from Europe

Debbie said...

They are beautiful!!! What is the fab yarn that you used and can anyone get it? said...

I love that yarn, it is so chunky and cosy looking! Suzie. xx