Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wonderful Surprise!

I have a certain routine I do every morning when I get up.  You know, feed the cats, turn on the computer, fix the fire, etc, but one thing I do is to check out certain blogs/websites.  Once of these blogs is indinorth, a Canadian indi business collective run by the fabulous Beth.  Well, to my surprise when I clicked on this fab website to see what Canadian Artist was featured, I saw my little owl staring back at me!  What a thrill!  You can check out the post HERE.
Mr Owl is actually the second owl that I made.  The first one (pictured on the right) was made for a special trade order from a fellow Etsian.  Her shop is called VillageBoutique and she makes the most wonderful silverware jewelry from spoons!

I loved the way her owl turned so much that I decided to create another one.  I used a combination of coloured wool that I brushed together to give it a special one-of-a-kind mottled look.  When I finished Mr Owl I realized that the first one was most definitely a Ms Owl!  It always amazes me how using the exact same wool and techniques still leads to a unique soft sculpture.  It really shows me that the wool is the one that does the talking and I'm just the listener.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Look up.... way up... do you see something in the tree... way, way up there?
Poor little Piggy started to climb the tree and he just couldn't stop himself!  After a couple of hours of crying he did manage to make his way down.  I'm not sure how much climbing or falling was involved, but he sure was a happy boy when he came back in the house!