Monday, April 12, 2010


Look up.... way up... do you see something in the tree... way, way up there?
Poor little Piggy started to climb the tree and he just couldn't stop himself!  After a couple of hours of crying he did manage to make his way down.  I'm not sure how much climbing or falling was involved, but he sure was a happy boy when he came back in the house!


Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries™ said...

Awww...poor little kitty. I'm glad he finally found his way down. We used to have a Calico who would climb atop our house and forget how to get down...then wail and wail for help. I would send our other cat (a Siamese mix) to show her the way down. Sounds nutty but it's absolutely true. He'd jump up and then lead her across the the side closest to the fence...then they'd hop on the fence...then atop our little garden shed...and then onto the ground from there. :)

Bella McBride said...

That's so sweet! My little Piggy isn't smart enough to follow anybody to safety, let alone lead!

Meg said...

Ha! This is such funny typical cat behavior. One of our cats recently made her way up a pine tree, wailed and wailed for help, and finally climbed down head first, like a lizard. She's a very impulsive cat -- climb first, ask questions later! Glad your Piggy got down, although that picture of him in the crook of the tree is adorable.