Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hooo's there?

McBride House is starting to get cleared out of Christmas items and I'm just starting to list some of the new creations I worked on over the holidays.
For example, this handsome fellow is now listed.  His name is Darby McBride and he is a St Patrick Day Owl.  He likes to read, long flights at night and the colour green.  His dislikes are CATS!  He thinks they are dreadful creatures!
If you would like to see a little more about him click HERE.
Also at McBride House is this little fellow.  He and his rubber duck snuck into my house just last week and had a bath.  All he had to do is ask and I would have let him!  Instead he left me with a filthy bucket!  Click HERE to learn more about him!
And finally a little sneak peak of a new set I've been working on!  I should have it listed tomorrow but for now don't forget to check out the sale I still have going on!