Monday, September 7, 2009

Random Thoughts, Random Pictures

It's been really busy here the past few days with contractors and insurance people coming and going... or should I really say that it's been really busy sitting by the phone hoping for a phone call to make an appointment for them to come! Meanwhile I've been taking some pictures and organizing for the up coming busy season. Hear that confidence in my voice... IT WILL BE BUSY... right?
I've added quite a few new listings for Pattern Sets, including the much asked for Neckwarmer Set. Basically the more patterns you buy, the more you save!

This is a sneak preview of my newest pattern line. It's called the Lumber Jillian Set, or Jillian for short, and it's based on the simple, classic Lumber Jack socks. You know, those great grey, white and one tiny strip of red socks? As you can see I had some little helpers while I was taking pictures. This ones Porkie.
This is a really nice set to wear out and about the woods or in the yard on a fall day. Very classic, casual but with that feminine touch that I love so much. The set also includes a hat and purse and will be available on Etsy some time this week.

I also decided to take a few new pictures of my Windemere Capelet/Neckwarmer. Again, my little helper, but this times it's Piggy.

I also couldn't ignore McBride House and took a few more pictures of my newest listed creation, Santa and Prancer. Now this one will be hard to let go... that's probably why it took me so long to list him!


bea's blog said...

Hei Bella,
what lovely new designs and pix!
You have fantastic ideas and are very skilled....your little helpers are absolutely cute, of course.
Hope your waterworld is a bit under control in the meantime?!?!
We also had loads of rain the past few days and storm, too. Fortunately no damages!
Hugs from Europe
~ ♥ ~

Lorrie said...

Fall is definitely en route here in Victoria. We've been having an unusually rainy weekend. Your lovely warm creations would fit in wonderfully. I really should start those cuffs from the pattern I got from you!

Lorrie said...

Beautiful designs and colours, love that Santa! Suzie. xxx