Friday, November 18, 2011

First Snowfall of the Season

I awoke to the most wonderful thing this morning... the first snowfall of the season.  Just enough snow to make everything sparkle with the anticipation of the company season.
 And when the sun finally shone on our winter wonderland it was too beautiful to stay indoors.
 Mom and I bundled up like a couple of pumpkins and went for a walk, breathing in the freshness of the air.
 We weren't the only ones out this morning.  Who says deer don't cross bridges?
 The bridge crosser?
Does it get much better than this?  Three deer laying in amongst the snow and trees trying to find a patch of sun to keep warm.
 And what better sculpture than this to list today!  Santa and his new little friend.
 He always knew from a young age that he loved Polar Bears. Every waking moment was spent studying, observing and wishing one was his.
Then, one fateful day, it happened. A baby Polar Bear wandered into Santa's village and from that moment on he knew he would never again long for a bears friendship, he would never be lonely, he would never be cold again. Companions forever.


night owl said...

This is lovely. The colours are wonderful and your sweet story made my night. Thank you. xxoo

Aputsiaq said...

Snow? Lucky you! I just adore the Santa...and of course his friend the polar bar ;O)