Monday, December 6, 2010

Santa's New Gnome Helpers! Needle Felted Creations now on McBrideHouse.

Gnomes, being the elusive creatures that they are, are slowly being pushed out into mainstream by the expansion of humans into their slowly shrinking forests.
In order for them to maintain their elusive lifestyle they are joining forces with Santa Claus and helping to deliver Christmas presents to the increasing amount of boys and girls.
This is the perfect job for them. They are very quiet and can sneak about the house with nary a sound. The only real problem are house cats, which are the gnomes mortal enemy.
 So please remember to provide your house cat with lots of extra food Christmas Eve so that poor Santa Gnome doesn't have to worry about being eaten!
This particular Santa Gnome is in charge of the more snowy regions of the world, hence the skis. Because of Santa Gnome's love of nature he is very fast on his skis and has helped Santa Claus tremendously in his ability to reach those boys and girls in more remote regions of the world.

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