Thursday, December 23, 2010

Early Boxing Day Sale at McBrideHouse

With all the hustle and bustle of Christmas coming I decided to start my Boxing Day Sale early!  For those of you not aware of what a Boxing Day Sale is, it is the single biggest shopping day in Canada which is held the day after Christmas. 
Even my newest Skiing Santa Gnome is on sale!
Happy the Snowman is looking for a new home.... he prefers somewhere where he won't melt, but he's open to loosing a little weight!
SOLD!! I never could get a very good picture of this Lion Nutcracker.  If he doesn't sell I think I will wrap him up and put him away with MY Christmas decorations!  He really is quite big and I'm hoping to make some smaller versions of him for my shop next year.
This little snow girl is going to be featured in the CDAA (Canadian Doll Artists Assocation) January Newsletter!  She and her brother are both pretty excited!
Again, this fireplace set is another one of my favourites but never photographed really well.  Hmmm.... I might just have to keep that one too!
 This gold coloured Santa is priced to sell!  I need to make room for my new line of Christmas items that are already in "production"!
Another Father Christmas reduced to go!
SOLD!! And don't forget the non Christmas items are on sale too!  This little frog is the last of a series of animals I did and I personally think he was the cutest!  Some items just are not photogenic and are much cuter in person.
My little red Angel is on sale too!  If she (and most of her fellow felted Christmas friends) don't sell then they will probably be taken off line and reworked into something else.  So if you really like something, act now because they might never be the same again!  

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