Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to Work!

I imagine that the week between Christmas and the New Year should be an almost magical time of year. It should be spent in front of the fire with a good book, a hot drink and a cat curled up at your feet. It should be a time to reflect, and relax and plan the upcoming year. You should be able to walk about the house and admire the sparkly delights hanging from you tree, eat any food you want and just enjoy this quiet week. Screech!!! What on earth was I thinking! I have never had such a busy week as I did this past week! My DH planned a weeks vacation for this week, and vacation it wasn't! Everyday involved a new project. One day it was making a new cupboard/pantry for the kitchen, the next two days involved tearing up the old carpet in the basement and laying down new hardwood floors, there were at least two days spent going to town to buy supplies to finish said projects and another day getting groceries. Then there was company, and cooking, and taking down Christmas, oh and then yesterday was DH's birthday, so that involved a day of cooking! Ahhh, but today DH went back to work and I got to play with my new stash of yarn!

Just look what I got for a Christmas present from my mother-in-law! An entire box full of yarn! I squealed with delight when I took the top of of the box and saw all these lovelies!

Then imagine my delight when I noticed there was another layer! Lots of Briggs and Little, some lovely soy yarn (I have a flapper hat planned for those), some pink variegated yarn, and some gorgeous roving! Oh the joy, the joy!

So today, bright and early I started working on a pattern that I started before the week of ...."bliss". I'm using this "denim heather mist" by Bernat to create a pattern for a matching neckwarmer and hat .... hopefully, but you never know where the crochet hook will take you!


bea3855 said...

Ooooh well, you've been busy!!!
But with all this lovely yarn it's a pleasure to start into a new year!
Regards from Europe

Debbie said...

Lucky you!!! Very nice stash of yarn you have now!!! I did get a geft card for Michaels.. It's spent already LOL. I like what you said in the begining before you regained your sanity. It would be heaven if it were true♥