Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm It Again!

At the beginning of the New Year Bea from Bea's Blog gave me an award. In return I'm to list five things I'm addicted to. Here it goes:

1. I'm well and truly addicted to my home and native land, Canada! This is a little bear I made a few years ago from red wool and I embroidered a maple leaf on his chest.

2. We just got a new refrigerator and it has an ice maker in it, and, well, now I'm addicted to ice in my water!

3. Obviously I'm addicted to crocheting and creating new patterns. I have so many ideas floating around in my head that I just don't have time! Every time I think I'm caught up, another new set of ideas appear!

4. This is an easy one....PINK!!! I have always loved the colour pink. I had a pink bedroom when I was little and now I wear pink, have pink note books, a pink mouse, etc! It just makes me feel so good and it always makes me smile!

5. This is a new found love...Canadian literature. A few years back I decided that I couldn't call myself a true Canadian without being familiar with some of our greatest writers. So a quest began, and an addiction formed! Some favourites? Rockbound by Frank Parker Day, The Birth House by Amy McKay, Clara Callan by Richard B. Wright, The Nymph and the Lamp by Thomas H. Raddall.

Thanks Bea! That was fun!

1 comment:

bea3855 said...

Hei from Europe! ♥
So good to read that you had fun!
It was nice what you posted; real intresting!
Thanx for your thanx - it was a pleasure! Bedtime here now while you still have some hours ahead...enjoy!! ♥
Hugs from Beatrice