Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Weekend!

These were the leaves on my two big maples behind the house yesterday.
After heavy winds yesterday I awoke this morning to see the leaves are gone. The fall colour splendor is over, only a few yellow leaves are left. Fall seemed really short this year. In fact there were places nearby that got snow a few nights ago.
While I was out taking pictures of some felted items I was being stalked! Piggy was just about to assume the pounce position when I foiled his plans!
I made a "peep" sound to get Porky's attention. I think I startled him! Look at those big green eyes!
Piggy on the prowl. Again he was stalking me! Notice his eyes are still blue... I wonder when they will change?
Have a happy weekend everybody!


Aputsiaq said...

Love the photos...the colours...and cute Piggy! Here in Denmark it has been stormy/frosty too...and parts of Germany had snow! Early 'winter' this year, I think...have a nice weekend too!

Mascottblog said...

Beautiful coulours and nice photos ! Here in the South of France , the weather is just starting to change ...