Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall Splendor in New Brunswick, Canada

I think the fall colours are now at their peak in New Brunswick, Canada. At least they are at my house! I have two large Silver Maples in the front corner of my house, and although the leaves only change to a dull yellow and not the brilliant reds and oranges, I still love them. They blanket the lawn in a thick crispy yellow coating that just cries to be run through!
We are also getting a lot of rain lately, and the tiny brook beside my driveway sounds like Niagara Falls.
This is my favourite tree! It starts to change very early in the year to the most brilliant reds and oranges and blankets the shed and ground in a carpet. There is also a "wind tunnel" that gathers all the leaves in one spot and this is my spot to kick up my heels and be a kid again! Both my studio and "my room" look out on this tree and you can just see the studio window in the upper left hand corner.
Happy Fall everybody!


Lorrie said...

You're definitely ahead of us with the fall leaves. A few trees here are red and others are just turning golden. But there are few leaves on the ground yet, and like you, I love to kick my way through the piles.


Itch2stitch.com said...

Oh, I still like to kick my feet through autumn leaves!