Friday, October 23, 2009

Dickens's Needle Felted Animals

I've just finished listing my newest series of needle felted animals. I think they look like little characters out of Dickens's world!
This is Rocky Raccoon and for Christmas he wants fish, garbage can, black eye shadow and he does not want any books on Davy Crockett (he doesn't like horror stories.)
This is Mr Piggy Pig and all he wants for Christmas is Slop. Shouldn't be too hard to accommodate him on that one!
Loulou Lapin would like to have extra long earmuffs, carrots, a tail fluffer but most of all she does not want sweaters! She says that she is already angora, so she certainly does not need a sweater!
Merp the Frog would love to have some flies.... he says he likes them fresh, but he will take them extra crispy too.
Finally, Finnian Fox. Finnian just really wants to find a new home with some other foxy ladies in it. He's quite a ladies man and I'm afraid he might get quite lonely here without any other foxes.

Have a great weekend everybody!


Diana Evans said...

oh how wonderful!!! beautiful work!!

Aputsiaq said...

Wow, they are so the Wind-in-the-Willow-Tree-frog most!! What a wonderful idea to needle felt some Dickens animals!