Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving from Canada

No big Thanksgiving dinners for us this year, but instead we went for a nice drive to look at the fall colours and get some apples for the deer. We stopped at this stand and as soon as I saw the pumpkin on the top of the roof under the Canadian flag, I knew it would be my opening picture!
The colours are past their peak but still breath taking. In places it looked like it was snowing there were so many leaves falling.
Our big load of apples for the deer! Men and their hunting...hmphh!
They say it was a bad year for pumpkins, but this place had quite a few of the really large ones.
I missed the brilliant red of the blueberry fields, but they are still really quite beautiful.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

4 comments: said...

Oh how I love your posts, and how I miss Canada! Suzie. xxx

Aputsiaq said...

And a happy thanksgiving to you!!! What a great post!

Lorrie said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you Bella. What beautiful photos!

bea's blog said...

Hei Bella!
I know my little urchin is save in the hedgehog shelter and it seems it was me who kept it just too cold. The lady in the shelter will do all that is possible; she is very experienced! I am too nervous to ring her up to ask if the little one made it; just afraid to maybe hear bad news....and being guilty for that...ugh!
Love Beatrice