Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday Weekend

This was a big Christmas weekend!  We had DH's staff party, we were invited to pick out our Christmas tree and my in-laws Christmas dinner.  Whew!  What a whirl wind of activity with a bit of Christmas shopping, and Christmas decorating thrown in!

Every year at the staff party they have a Yankee Swap where basically somebody takes your gift away if they like it better than their potential gift.  The later your name is drawn the better because you have more gifts to pick from.  However, the person who's name is drawn first then gets to pick from everybody's.  Every year my gift is taken from me and last year it was taken three times plus, once again, I ended up with the "mature" gift!  I nervously sat there waiting for my name to be called so I can just get my gift and sit down again.  This year my name was drawn second to the last!  I went up and for once in my life actually went and exchanged my gift for a little Teddy Bear that was making the rounds.  I sat down, all pleased with myself for not being the usual wall flower and thrilled to get a beautiful gift!  I drew the last name... oh good, it's a boy's name... he won't take my Teddy Bear!  Wait... why is he coming over here?  What's going on?  He took my Teddy Bear!  With a brave smile pasted on my face, I open my gift... it's a sort of jack-knife thing... very nice... but it's not a Teddy Bear.  HOWEVER... guess who's name was drawn first?  That's right... my darling husband!  He promptly takes his "mature gift" and walks over to the Teddy Bear taker and hands him his gift, he tenderly takes the stolen Teddy Bear and brings her back to me!  Am I not the luckiest woman in the world?

On Saturday we went to pick out our Christmas tree.  How on earth did we ever choose?  We had hundreds of trees to choose from, but it was sooo cold and windy we stuck to a small area.  I'm afraid I won't be decorating it very much this year since Piggy has now become an indoor cat and he is WILD!  He's into everything!  It's like having a cross between a cat, a dog, a baby, and a Tasmanian Devil!

I know... hard to believe that adorable little face could be such a terror, but trust me, he is!  He's also the greatest purrer and snuggler!

A few more decorations.  These beauties are on my mantle in the bedroom.

A new ornament for my house, but it's really an older ornament that has made it's way from Mom's house to mine this year.  Isn't he adorable?

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All those trees! Everytime we choose our tree, it always looks huge when we get it home! Lovely little chap he is! suzie. xxx