Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Day of Crochet, Knitting and Chatting Part Two

What a fantastic day we had talking, crocheting, eating, laughing and knitting!

We had so much fun I actually forgot to take any pictures of us working on our projects!  I did, however, get Mom to take a picture of her shawl and send to me.  She did the main piece in knitting and I added a crocheted trim.  We call it her "Spiderweb" because the yarn for so delicate!

We also had a friend join us for lunch!  We had pizza and she had apples!

She is a young doe from last year that came to visit all winter.  If you look closely you can see her front right leg is held up?  She had something wrong with her leg and can't walk on it, but she made it through last winter and she even has a baby with her this year!

Here she is eating the apples we threw out for her.  Mom has this window completely decorated in glass snowflakes and icicles.  The make the loveliest tinkeling noise when you brush them!

Mom's famous popcorn balls!   One of the first times she made them she didn't add the cellophane.  She hung them from the tree on Christmas Eve and in the morning, the floor was littered with popcorn balls and the tree still had the candy canes!  After that she wrapped them up in cellophane and ties them with a pretty red ribbon!

Tea anyone?

Pretty little jewel boxes collected over the years.

A favourite elf from our childhood.   Merry Christmas everyone!

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