Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Boxing Day Sale At McBride House

Christmas is just about over and it's time to take down the decorations.  It's also time to clean out my stash of McBride House goodies and put on a HUGE SALE!!

From now until shortly after the New Year most of my items are on SALE!!

Don't tell my little creatures, but when the sale is over, their little lives will change forever!  Whatever does not sell will be put on a shelf to be reworked into something else!

So this is truly the last time some of these items will ever be seen again!  If you like them, take advantage of the sale and bring them home!

Just in case you forget where these little guys live:  McBride House!  

2 comments: said...

Happy new year! suzie xxx

Maggie R said...

Hi Bella,
Hope you are keeping warm. I see where you are getting blasted with the white stuff!!!! We are very cold in Ont. but not much snow ..
Hope you have a very Happy and Prosperous New Year...