Monday, July 6, 2009

Rain, Rain, Rain and More Rain

It's been raining again all weekend! Now I like the rain, but it rained all of June and now July is not looking much better! Sigh... at least I'm getting lots of work done inside and on my new McBride House site. Look on the bright side Bella, look on the bright side.

I added Mr Mouse and his Flower Pot House to McBride House yesterday. As you can see Mr Mouse is peaking out his Flower Pot House to see if the coast is clear before he heads out for some food for his little flower pot family!

I also added my little Gnome Home which is a set of three red and white mushrooms. They are going to be featured in a great blog on Friday! I'll let you know how it goes!

This morning a added a set of three evergreen Christmas trees. The yarn I used as garland is an old yarn that was donated to me by that wonderful Auntie. The label says 70% wool and 30% goathair, made in Sweden. Isn't that cute? I don't know why, but I laugh every time I look at the label!

The trees also come decorated with little bits of red, yellow and maroon roving. I haven't listed the decorated trees yet, but they are coming!


bea3855 said...

Hei Bella!
So cute items; you are really skilled! Nice ideas...
I am going to send some sun your way ~ we have enough of it right now ~ too hot for me ☀

Diana Evans said...

Hi Bella!!! these are so cute!!! wonderful creations...and I am all ready for more sunshine too!!!

Maggie R said...

Hi Bella... Yes we will all have webbed feet before too long!!!!
Love your felted creatures.. I had to stop that for awhile as my wrist was complaining....
Gee some days you just can't win!!