Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Neckwarmer Pattern - Belmont.

Just released today! My newest pattern Belmont Neckwarmer!

I named this Victorian looking neckwarmer, Belmont, before I realized that Belmont means "beautiful mountain". How perfect! The peaks of this neckwarmer do in fact remind me of a row of mountains.

The back view of Belmont with the mountains pointing both up and down. With the blue jean jacket peaking out from underneath, it reminds me of mountains being reflected in the water.

Tied with a simple black ribbon to give it a real classic appeal.

Now available at my shop: Bella McBride Designs!

1 comment:

bea3855 said...

Yes, the name is perfect!!!
Pretty neckwarmer, anyway.
Very romantic!!! You are skilled!!
Hope the cats are fine?
Love Beatrice