Friday, July 17, 2009

New Pattern Project

I'm really excited about the new pattern I've been working on! It's for a new pair of mittens to add to my collection and I just love them so much I might just name them the Bella Mitten Pattern... or maybe the McBride Mitten Pattern!

It's a good guess that if they are named after me then they must be PINK! The first prototype is complete, the pattern is written and proofed, now all I need to do is remake a pair and get some stunning cover page shots... sigh... is that all!?

Not only are these mitts pink, but they have grey trimmings! Ahhh, my hearts all a flutter! My favourite colour combination, Pink and Grey!

Speaking of things that set my heart all a flutter: Remember the little "runt" kitten that we got? This is him sleeping out in the middle of the deck getting some sun. His name is Piggy because he has a bit of a cold and he just kind of goes around grunting all of the time. He is feeling much better and is starting to put on some weight, but not as much as his brother Porky... hence the name!


bea3855 said...

♥ Great items, great pix again ♥
Hope your little runt will be real well and a big boy soon; he is so cute ♥ ... aren't our 4-leggers just a joy?!!
Greetings from sticky hot Hamburg,
Beatrice ♥

LDH said...

Looking forward to seeing your new pattern ~ I'm sure it's lovely!

Very sweet little kitty!