Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Specials

In Canada, we don't have Black Friday like the United States has. Our biggest shopping day is Boxing Day, the day after Christmas, well, sort of. Some Provinces regulate that Boxing Day must be a holiday, so our biggest shopping day is the day after Boxing Day...unless there is a snow storm, then it is the next day!!! Yes, I know, confusing!

But to the and up until the end Cyber Monday (another new concept to me!) I am having free shipping on my Felted Santa Claus and my 100% Wool Autumn Days Hat!

I really had fun making this little guy, but I think he is ready to go to a new home!

Autumn Days Hat is made with my Sunset Hat Pattern from 100% Wool from Canada's Oldest Woolen Mill, Briggs and Little. These hats are so warm but light weight. Again, I hate to part with this one, but I already have so many!

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