Monday, November 17, 2008

My Workroom Part I

I actually have two work rooms where I like to create in (lucky me), and this is a small look into the first one. The table was made by my Great-grandfather, and the chairs were made from a local factory where I live...maybe 100 years ago! The factory is long, long gone! On the shelf above my table are the teddy bears that I made (except for one that is a childhood toy) a few years ago. I had to give teddy bear making up, and I still miss doing it.

I just got a skylight installed on Friday and I'm so loving it! The extra light is just incredible! My favorite views are that of trees, and luckily the trees behind the house are tall enough that I can see them when I'm working in my room.

This is a tea box I received as a gift a few years ago, but it works perfect for buttons.

A little pin cushion that I made from the top of a paint can and some fabric I had laying around for years. Above is a glass frame with two four leaf clovers and one FIVE leaf clover my husband found for me. The pin cushion is sitting on a cherry jewellery box my uncle made me for a graduation gift, many, many years ago!

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Debbie said...

Lucky, lucky girl!!! Two workrooms. The skylight and all the handmade things make it so special. I hope you enjoy it fot years to come!!!♥♥♥♥♥