Sunday, November 9, 2008

Scotian Winter Hat Crochet Pattern

I did it! I just now finished and listed my newest addition to Bella McBride Designs; Scotian Winter Hat. I just love this one! You could make this in one evening, easily! Just sit down and watch a movie and voila! A new hat! These would make great gifts for that hard to buy for teenager in your life.

I really like the pink and cream of this one. I can't wait for a cold day to wear it now!

Are we ever too old for pigtails?

Made with yarn in two colours crocheted together to give it this nice homespun look.

I used some scraps of yarn to finish this one. It's made with Briggs and Little %100 yarn. Nice and warm!


Debbie said...

We all love it here, the girls are already telling me what colors they want!!! Allie likes the pigtails......♥♥♥

Celtic Crossing said...

I really like this design, very eye catching! And you're right we're never really too old for pigtails!