Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Spring Everybody!

Happy Spring Everybody!  The sap is flowing, the sun is shining, hope is near!  This is one of the sap buckets we have hung about our property for the annual Maple Syrup production so popular in this part of the world.  For us, however, it is a new adventure and one met with great gusto from DH.  I confess it is rather exciting and I myself was out at 6:30 am in my pajamas's, winter boots and one of DH's plaid coats checking the sap buckets to see how much was in them! 


Aputsiaq said...

Happy sring to you too, Bella!

Maple Syrup! It is exciting! I've never seen how it is produced 'live'...hmmm..but I would love to!!

Dayhomemama said...

That is exciting, I LOVE maple syrup and always use it on out waffles and to sweeten certain foods. Maple tees don't do as well in this part of Canada though, Enjoy!!