Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summer Solstice

Today is the official first day of summer... but it's raining... it rained yesterday too... and it is going to rain for at least the next 6 days... sigh... Actually I don't mind, I really like the rain... for a day or two! With my Fibromyalgia my hands and knees and well, who's kidding, my whole body really starts to ache so I need something to take my mind off of it. What to do? My Mom's remedy for a peaceful mind is to move furniture. I don't really have that option, so I like to reorganize things. So today I started to reorganize my wonderful yarn stash, which if you remember increased in size thanks to my wonderful Auntie!

I really like to see my entire stash laid right out so that it can "speak" to me when I'm choosing a new project. So... I took some books out of my studio bookcase and stuffed them into the shelves! I used books as dividers to keep some of the same yarns together.

Look at those pinks! A gift from the a fore mentioned Auntie! I can't wait to create something with them, but I'm kind of intimidated to start because I love them so much I don't want to waste them!

Some more of the stash! Most of this section are gifts/hand-me-downs from Auntie, Mom and a cousin AND my mother-in-law! Aren't I the luckiest girl ever!


Lorrie said...

Your stash is beautiful. I can't wait to see all the wonderful things you'll create with it!

It's cloudy here on the west coast, too.


Debbie said...

You are lucky, love all the beautiful colors of the yarn. Is this in addition to the yarn you had in your drawer? I owe you an e-mail. Today is my first day of summer vacation! Last week was crazy w/8th grade graduation and all the other stuff. Will shoot you an e-mail soon.