Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Work Room II

This weekend was spent clearing out my main workroom in order to put down new floors. We ripped up the old carpet and put down new wood flooring. In order to do this though I had to empty four bookcases! Whew! BIG job!
This is the view of my little room from my doorway. The trunk in the middle of the floor was one of the first pieces of furniture I bought when I was a "grown up".
My little room is located at the bottom of the stairs in the back of the house. I get to walk by my pink china every time I come into my room. See the new floor?
My prized treadle Singer sewing machine that my parents gave to me when I was around 9 years old for Christmas. I used it right up until last year when I finally broke down and bought an electric sewing know, a machine that actually has a back stitch! I love that feature! Now I use it for a printer stand...can you see I haven't got it plugged in yet? Again, see those beautiful floors?
One of the bookcases. This is my Canadian section of books with some of my very favourite books...Rockbound by Frank Parker Day is a true gem.
Another bookcase...this one is housed with historical fiction. Anybody else a Diana Gabaldon fan?
My little hedgehog that I made from on old fur coat on top of another bookcase that appropriately houses my nature books. I've just discovered James Herriot and love his style of writing, not to mention the content.
The final bookcase...the BIG one! This was the hardest one to empty and put back together. It houses all the oversize books, cookbooks, gardening books, craft books, house books, etc. I love my little room, it's my hideaway from the real world!


Lorrie said...

What a cozy workroom. I love the way it's filled with the things you love and have collected over the years.


Beth said...

Absolutely gorgeous! What an inspirational place to work!

LDH said...

The floors look beautiful! And I love the way you have displayed your lovely dishes! Oh... the hedgehog is beyond cute!

Sharon said...

Your room is wonderful and The floors look fantastic. I am so envious of your treddle sewing machine. My mother gave mine away. I still miss it. Sharon

HandiCrafts said...

Wow! You have a gorgeous house! Beautiful new floors- they look like it was worth moving all the books around!!

And that china! Beautiful!