Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Snow....sigh....

As I'm reading other people blogs about snowdrops and Spring starting to arrive, I look out the window and sigh. As I write this we are into the first few hours of another winter storm. See the above picture? That's the same greenhouse that I blogged about in the last entry. Sigh....


Sharon said...

Oh that looks so cold!!!!! Bella I was working on my wrist warmers the other day, when Teddy( my still alive Bichon) took off wiit unraveling it as he flew through the house. :-( When I finally caught up with him, I had to laugh as he had had so much fun and the yarn was tangled all over him, and he was smiling. So now I lock myself away and crochet when The Ted is occupied elsewhere. Needless to say at this rate it may be July! Thought you'd get a kick out of my attempts. Sharon PS Actually I have one done but don"t tell Teddy!

Nathalie Thompson said...

Bella, I was confused at this snowy post when I could see a peek of green in your previous post! haha. Looked like you had spring and then winter again over night. At least the snow is GORGEOUS, although I am sure that you are beyond the cabin fever stage and well into "crazy for spring".

Your yarn collection makes me think something I read in "At Knits End", meditations for women who knit too much.

Do you ever...
experience palpatations when passing a yarn shop?

Sneak new yarn purchases into the house?

Utter the words, "just one more row"?

Plan your vacations around yarn store locations?


I suspect you would answer yes to it all! ;)


Lorrie said...

Oh, but the snowy scene is so beautiful. And I know that you are sick of it and ready for spring. I grew up in northern BC and February was always hard - I just wanted to see some sunshine and feel the warm sun on my back.

patience...(and I say that rather shamefaced as I look out at the blue sky and lack of winter)