Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I've Been Tagged! Perfect!!

The wonderful and talented Jen from HandiCrafts has tagged me! I'm to pick the 6th picture from my 6th folder, post it, blog about it, and then choose 6 other bloggers and let them blog about their 6 and 6! Which is perfect because I haven't been feeling very good the last few days and haven't the energy to take new photos, so this is perfect! Thank you Jen!
So this is my 6th picture from my 6th folder. It's of by beloved "Petie-bird". I remember that day; he was very sulky for some reason and he climbed up on the outside of the greenhouse and settled down and had a nice long nap! He never did that before and never did it again! Wow! Look at all of the green! Will I ever see it again?

Now, usually I'm too shy to tag other bloggers, but I think I will take a chance and choose the following 6 bloggers!

1. Sharon from Wildflowerhouse
2. LDH from With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart
3. Lorrie from Fabric, Paper, Thread
4. Nathalie Thompson from An Artists Legacy
5. Debbie from Obsessed with Crochet
6. YOU! I'm leaving the sixth person open for anybody who wants to be tagged!


LDH said...

Dear Bella,

What fun! Great shot of your Petie-Bird ~ must have been a comfy spot although it looks a bit precarious to me. Your greenhouse is very interesting too. What do you grow in there?

Thank you for thinking of me and for following my blog :)

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Kind regards, ldh

Lorrie said...


What a fun exercise. I've already put up my post. It was easy because it was a great photo.

Your Petie-bird photo is sweet. It's a wonder he didn't fall through the plastic.

Spring is on the way...I noticed my raspberry canes are starting to swell a little and the snowdrops are blooming here. I'll send some overland on a westerly wind!


Sharon said...

Well Bella I can't run very fast. You caught me. I have done my part at catching 6 more and even corrected the link to you.(I had screwed it up as usual).Thanks for thinking of me now I must get back to my crochet lessons. LOL. I will let you know when I finish my wrist warmers. Sharon

Bella McBride said...

Thanks everybody! It was fun to look back, especially to see pictures of my Petie-bird since he is no longer with me. I miss him.

I'm not sure why he decided to climb up there! I think he was mad because I wasn't giving him enough attention, so he climbed up there to "punish" me! I'm surprised he didn't fall right through too!

The greenhouse is basically used for storing pots and tools right now and a place to repot trees that my husband grows. It was the first construction project we attempted when we moved into our first home 14 years ago! We are thinking about tearing it down this summer!

Thanks for participating ladies!

HandiCrafts said...

What a neat photo!!! Thanks for playing Bella!!