Tuesday, December 30, 2008


During the summer I wrote about the little kitten that I found on my doorstep that had a horrible gash on his underbelly that was, well, we will just say it was infected and not go into any of the gory details. We rushed him to the Vet and there he stayed for two nights and two days until his cut was clean of "infection".

After a few days being home, Wycket became braver and braver, but after a few weeks it was clear that Wycket was too much to handle in my small house that was already occupied by a once happy cat. After all that he went through, I didn't have the heart to put him outdoors again, Wycket is surely meant to be a house cat.

So off Wycket went to my Mom's heated garage! Oh, happy, happy was he! Lots of room to run around, lots of things to get into, places to climb, places to hide, happy, happy day! Wycket proceeded to grow and grow and grow, but he was still timid to wander about outside.

Yesterday, however, Wycket wanted outside, so outside he tumbled! What's that? Another cat! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy......OUCH! A stray cat attacked him and ripped a piece out of his ear!

My poor Mom and Wycket! But I wonder? Did Wycket plan this attack all along? Because now Wycket is a permanent indoor cat and after just 24 hours of being inside, he has claimed his new spot....my Dad's leather sofa!


Debbie said...

Spoiled cat, good for him. He looks like he has grown so much!!!♥♥♥

Alli's Little World of Knitting! said...

LOL Cats are so much smarter than we mere humans have a clue about! I'm sure he may very well have planned the attack in order to upgrade his living conditions! GRINS He sure is one absolutely gorgeous cat!