Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Music and Special Memories

Last night while I was decorating the house, I was listening to a Christmas CD that I made of some of my favorite Christmas music. Notes of brilliance wafted through the house...Ave Maria, Greensleeves, Silver Bells, Edelweiss, The Muppet's.....The Muppet's?! Yes, the Muppet's Christmas Album is my all time Christmas favorite! Growing up in the country we didn't have access to all the Christmas music that we have today. Albums were hard to find and the money was tight, but John Denver and the Muppet's filled our old farm house with such cheer! I laugh at Miss Piggy's dismay at "Piggy Pudding!?", smile at Animal's break out of Christmas Cheer, dream about Alfie the Christmas tree and cry a little when I hear "When the River Meets the Sea". I had the best childhood! Thanks Mom!

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