Friday, December 12, 2008

New Pattern - The Polar Ice Cap

I've been working on a new hat pattern but put it up to play Christmas for awhile. Today I have almost finished it! I just need to proof it a few more times and then I will list it. So at least here are some pictures of it! So I present to you: The Polar Ice Cap!

It can be made with either 2 strands of any medium or worsted weight yarn, like this red and white one. I used 100% wool in Briggs and Little for this one so that it will be nice and warm.

Or you can use the Homespun Yarn from Lion Brand for a really soft hat. They have the nicest selection of colours too.

I really like how this hat frames your face and you can actually wear your bangs out, instead of tucking them in for minimal "hat head". I also added some matching ribbons in the braids for a real personal touch.

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