Thursday, February 10, 2011

Winter Wonderland in New Brunswick

Winter has hit New Brunswick, Canada hard these last few weeks.  In places the snow is up to my hips... and I'm not short either!  Roofs all over are being shoveled off before they collapse buildings... which they already have to a unfortunate few.... us included.  So needless to say the weather has influenced my creativity and blue and white has hit McBride House!
These two silent warriors slip through the night. Boy and beast act as one as they face the snow and cold. Guided only by a single lantern and the knowledge that they will soon be home, safe and warm in the company of loved ones. For now they silently lumber on enjoying the strength of each other as they battle against the elements. The silent warriors.
 Grandfather Frost has also made an appearance in this winter wonderland.
I love the snowflake on his back.

Then last night this polar bear and his best friend showed up!   She's his best friend and him her. They go everywhere together. Some days she's content to walk along side her armoured bear, other days, when the temperature dips way below freezing he insists she ride on his back. Nobody knows what they do all day but all they know is that they are inseparable. Just as best friends should be.
     Stay tuned though, I have lots more to show you!  A very whimsical streak has come over me and I have Gargoyles, Birdmen, rabbits riding turtles, a man riding a squirrel and even a fae pig!

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