Friday, February 11, 2011

Bunny Rabbits Have Come to McBride House

Oh my goodness!  I think it's rabbit season at McBride House!  They just keep multiplying!

This little bunny went to a new home in Arizona just last week.  She took a good supply of lettuce leaves tucked under her jacket to make it through the long trip.
Sunny Bunny is looking for a new home.  Her blue eyes just sparkle against her creamy white coat.
This little girl comes with her own basket of vegetables so that she won't be stealing yours.
She promises to be good!  How can you resist a little face like that?
And then there is Sir Bounce-a-lots.  He likes to well... bounce a lot!
 Thumper is the cutest little fuzzy rabbit that will surely wipe away those winter blues and put a smile on your face!
Top Hat Rabbit is always prepared for any emergency and insisted I give him two carrots to take with him.  I'm worried what he has tucked in under that hat though!
And then there is this lazy little rabbit that hitched a ride home from the market on this poor unsuspecting turtle.
He's all dressed up in his Sunday best!

Stay tuned for more!  You know how fast rabbits multiply!

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WhingingNinja said...

wow! these are amazing I especially love the cute white bunny with his adorable face. I love bunnies!