Saturday, February 26, 2011

Snow and More Needle Felting

Life lately consists of snow, needle felting, snow, needle felting, snow.... well you get the point.  It's been a tough winter this year and there just doesn't seem to be an end in sight.  Just when we think it might be at the turning point, BAM another snowstorm.  But that means lots and lots of time to needle felt and to day dream of new ideas.
One of my newest sculptures in my Lion Gentleman.  He quite fancies himself after his hero Einstein.
He even combs his hair the same way!
Alistair was a chubby child and was teased as a little boy.
 As he grew up, however, he became the handsome Elephant Man that he is now.
 Considered to be the envy of his peers he constantly sports a tuxedo, top hat and cane. Nobody is teasing Alistair now!
 Now for the snow.... lots and lots of beautiful snow.
 See that little bump behind the icicles.... by the trees... that's the picnic table that I mentioned in the previous post!
 This is what I see when I open the front door.
 My favourite bird.... the chickadee!
 Look at my clothes line!
 And finally, a little touch of spring.

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Aputsiaq said...

Woooow, you've been so, so busy, Bella!! I just love the animals in suits!!! They are so beautiful!! Many warm thoughts from a town with ALMOST no snow (...well, a bit snow...but...)!