Sunday, July 25, 2010

Gardens and Garden Helper

I've mentioned before that Daylilies are my favourtie flowers in my garden and each day I have a new one opening.  This is one of the special varieties from Prince Edward Island that my DH took me to for my birthday and told me to pick out whatever I wanted!
This is another PEI Daylily that I think is called Gunmetal.  Different, but pretty!
The year that we bought this house my parents bought me a crab apple tree to plant in the garden.  It is just loaded with little red apples this year!
Finally, my little garden helper!  I had to take a lot of pictures of Frosty and couldn't get him to stay still until I finally snapped this one!  It's like he's saying "Alright already!  Enough with the picture taking and pet me!!"

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