Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Still Working!

I set some goals for myself for the month of February and I'm really coming along on them nicely!  I'm so glad that I gave myself something to reach for.  It really helps and keeps me inspired!  In fact, I've already got my goals listed for March!

So far I've completed the first goal of finishing Bella Rosa Purse Pattern.  Next I'm continuing to work on 10 Easter Felts.  I have 6 done but kind of ran out of ideas so it may only end up being 6... still, 6 is better than none!
Here's a sneak peak of one of the Easter Felts.  It's a Snowman done in my favourite colours!  I hand dyed all the roving for these Eater Felts and I had a great time just letting my imagination run wild!

Another Easter Felt!  This one is completely whimsical, but you will have to wait until Friday to see what the rest of his body looks like!
An Easter Bunny... well, kind of.... again, you will have to wait until Friday!

The next part of my goals was to finish my very own website!  I'm so proud of this one and you all are the very first ones to see a sneak peak!  Not even my Mom has seen it yet (Hi Mom!)!  My DH showed my how to build it from the ground up and after a few tears and tantrums, it's coming along nicely!  Only a few more things to finish and it will be ready!

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Looks lovely, as always! suzie xxx