Friday, February 12, 2010

Easter Felts on McBride House

I truly went into my whimsical side when I created these little felted Easter sculptures.  This is my stack of Three Sheep that are looking for greener pastures to escape these harsh Canadian winters.  They are needle felted together to form this one tall sculpture.
Next is the Easter Bunny Snowman.  Why is the Easter Bunny a Snowman?  Well, the way winter is holding on this year in parts of the world where they don't usually get snow, I thought it was appropriate!
Cupcake Man was one of those projects that took a long time to come into existence (you can read about it HERE), but I think he's really cute!  And calorie free!!
Now this is where I got completely silly!  I hand dyed all this yarn in pretty pastel colours and then needed something to needle felt it with.  So, after I had great success with a "Santa" I made last fall that was wearing a pumpkin suit, I decided to make Santa wear an Easter Egg!  He has 3-D flowers all around his belly and bunny rabbit slippers!
Completely silly and completely fun!
I love Snowman and couldn't resist making one with a body out of Easter Eggs... and I got to use all those great pastel colours again.
Finally I made an Easter Egg Elf to help the Easter Bunny make all those eggs!

I hope you enjoy!


Michelle Palmer said...

These are adorable & I love the colors!
Cute ideas~

Aputsiaq said...

Hi Bella,

Bella, they are so great...a what a wonderful idea to dye the wool! I love the lambs the most, I think...but it is hard to choose

And the snow man idea is so're right...the winter just goes on and on

When I saw your cup cake santa it stroke me that although we live in a small world there are cultural in Denmark we don't eat a lot of cup cakes..and I would never come up with that brilliant idea1 I just love it!