Monday, February 22, 2010

Quite the Life...

The wonderful Bea asked to see some more kitty pictures, so I'm sending her a little cheer and obliging!  This is Piggy's favourite spot to sleep.  At the bottom of the stairs, right outside my work room!  As you can see, his hearing is still not very good so it's easy to sneak up on him and snap a few pictures!  Best wishes Bea!

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bea's blog said...

Dear Bella!
Thanx so much for this cute pic!
Isn't he just beautiful? Looks very much like my Hexe....I wish his brother could still be here, too...
It was so sweet of you to think of me and post this lovely photo!
I wish you loads of happy customers to your new website and your pretty items!!!
Wish I could be in Canada, too, now - also to the Olympics; its hard to watch them live from overhere in the middle of the night.
Have a lovely day still while it is almost bedtime here!
.•♥•. .•♥•. .•♥•.