Tuesday, March 3, 2009

They're Baaack!

I think I'm burned out, or have cabin fever, or as my husband says I'm "shack wacky". This winter seems really long and is predicted to be even longer with most of March being snowy and cold. Having a sore knee has kept me in the house and I haven't really even been able to exercise....yes, you can actually miss it if you can't do it!However, looking on the bright side....okay I'm looking ....looking ....looking ....oh, there it is! The Bald Eagles are starting to return for the Spring! Over the past few years we are getting more and more Bald Eagles in Southern New Brunswick and, lucky me, they seem to enjoy the creek that is below my house. The above is a view from the back of my house. We had a lot of rain on the weekend and the creek overflowed some, but in the centre of the picture there is a black spot. That's one of the immature eagles! There is another one just on the edge of the creek bed too.

This is a zoomed in picture of three of the immature eagles (there were six all together). They don't have the white heads right now, but they will soon. Lately I've seen two mature eagles flying over the house with their white heads gleaming. Simply stunning and what a gift to see them!


Sharon said...

Hi Bella, I sent the Eagles up to keep you entertained, so you wouldn't go wacky on us. The sun is shining here and yesterday I was out without a coat. But it gets really cold when that sun goes down. Take care of that knee, no cartwheels, you hear!!!!Sharon PS. One more row and my wrist warmers will be done. Had to set them aside as I sold a lot on Etsy last week , so hadd to finish up ssome new things.

Lorrie said...

Aren't bald eagles wonderful? I love watching them glide across the sky. I do hope spring comes soon in your neck of the woods. This does seem to be a long winter.


Nathalie Thompson said...

Shack wacky! I LOVE it!

I was checking in to see how the thaw was progressing and found more beautiful photos. How awesome (in the true sense of the word, not the teenage slang) to see bald eagles. I did not know they hung out that far north.

LDH said...

Hello Bella! Thinking of you and sending warm thoughts as you look forward to spring! I have only seen an eagle once and it was while canoeing several years ago. Really enjoyed seeing your pictures. Sure hope your knee feels better soon!
Kindly, ldh

bea3855 said...

✿ Here's a little flower for you!
Winter is really hard this time ✿
We have lots of different bird's of prey here, but no Eagles, so this is really special.
In our cabin in Norway we had an Eagle living just above on the rockside. We saw him sometimes!
✿ European Greetings

Beth - IndieNorth said...

Oh aren't they beautiful! What a treat to be able to watch them!