Friday, March 6, 2009

Mom's Deer

It's snowing again .... But look at the picture my Mom took today of her little "friend" in her garden. This little fellow has been hanging around her garden, or I should say what's left of her garden, since fall. He (?) has a sore leg that keeps him very close to the house...where the feeding is good I guess. My parents house is surrounded on all sides by woods, but I guess the garden plants just taste better!


LDH said...

This is a most beautiful picture ~ so tranquil seeing the deer through the window panes and the lilies on the sill.

I know you are so anxious for spring but seeing this must help while waiting.

Sharon said...

Bella That picture is so beautiful. She should have it as her holiday card next year. Can I become friends with your mom so she will send me a card if she does that. Oh I am so bad. Must be the snow storm outside fizziling my brain and manners. Just me, Sharon.

Nathalie Thompson said...

Poor, dear, er, deer. ;)

What an absolutely gorgeous photo!
Snow, gentle wild life, flowers in the foreground and all framed within a window.

Well, I am ever hopeful for you that spring may soon appear!

Verification word: "britide" which rhymes with "McBride". :)

Maggie R said...

Hi Bella
This is a beautiful picture, but in all it's beauty, does the deer ear all the flowers and shrubs?!?!?

Maggie R said...

slip of the finger!!!
I meant EAT the shrubs?